The Film

Andrew Olson is an innovator & entrepreneur, known around the world for creating ground breaking video technology and TV experiences, including Comcast’s Xfinity TV in the US, and Sky Q in Europe.


After two decades helping companies the world over connect people with the TV and movies they love, Andrew has stepped behind the camera to create a new world through the eyes of a young girl - struggling with tragedy, and desperate to be as brave as her hero - The Scarlet Raven. 

Filmed on location in Cape Cod (and yes, Dr. Gravity's Kite Shop is real) with an exceptional crew from as far away as California and as close as Boston's South Shore, The Cape captures the spirit of Cape Cod - the eternal struggle of loss and renewal, time's erosion and the rebirth every sunrise brings.

In an age where comic books have leapt onto the screen to become box office staples, we wanted to make a movie about real people inspired by their heroes, by love, by friendship, and by the magic that lives and breathes in ink and words, and in the dreams of a child.

The Cape was Written and Directed by Andrew, and Produced by Andrew and Jacob Gilbert.  The film would never have come to life without the support and guidance of Executive Producer Scott Ehrlich, the amazing talents of Skylar Brunk, Marybeth Paul, and Jeremy Lloyd, and the incredible support of Michelle Olson, Gerry Brunk, and Dawn Adelson.